Find out why cycling is the best way of travelling for spring season (and not only) and come to experience it in Bulgaria!

Looks like spring comes again in our beautiful country – Bulgaria. It’s one of most gorgeous seasons here  – everything blooms and becomes colorful, air smells sweet and life starts shining again!

For me it’s the perfect moment to travel by bicycle not only because of all the beauty around, but also by the reason that the temperature in this period is most suitable for the purpose. It’s not too cold and in same time not too hot so you’re not going to sweat and climbing is not that problem!

But maybe if you’re not so keen on cycling you’ll ask “Why choose bicycle instead of car”? There are a lot of reasons. First it’s the best way to observe the world that surrounds you moving with good speed in same time so you can reach objects with big distance between them for short period of time. You can stop rapidly when see something interesting and pay attention on it. Can change the route any time using shortcuts or roads with less traffic. You move from one place to another until you’re cycling tours Sofia, Bulgariaworking for the good look and health of your body and also for a nature with less air-pollution! Another thing is that until in car most of us are just watchers, riding a bike gives you the chance to be part of the process. That’s very important in cases when you’re in a foreign country and feels aside of life there. It gives you also the chance to feel independent and free like a bird (sometimes when I go downhill I can really feel what is to be a creature like that). Also until you ride in a sunny day you have sun baths sometimes without even realizing this because flying air cools your skin.cycling tours Sofia, Bulgaria

At all – if travelling by car is like watching a TV, riding a bike is as real as life. You feel all the things around you – sun, air, road, smells, all the objects and if there are more cyclists around you – the team spirit which is precious!  All that gives you strong motivation and forces to live, inspires you with new ideas and makes your body fit!

So what you choose – real life or watching TV?

If it’s the second one and your destination for doing it is Bulgaria look at the trips I offer and contact me:

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