A journey with steam-powered train through the beauties of Bulgaria

Do you like travelling by train? If yes what you think about being a passenger on a steam-powered train which was produced in the beginning of 20th century. Now imagine that this old iron horse is running through a very picturesque canyon right next to a big river and all of the time view around you is changing in most spectacular manner. Surrounding hills turns from just green slopes into an extreme rough rocks and also there is a place where they looks like mighty tall and white giants. There are also around plenty more small rivers with waterfalls, caves, churches and monasteries plus a lot of cozy small towns.

The exact events when the steam-powered train will be in action is on 8th and 9th April and there will be organized tours with local guides at final points of the route. Actually these two days are holidays (part of the Easter celebrations) for the Ortodox Christian church which is the official religion in Bulgaria so you’ll also have the chance to see how local people celebrate it. Both days train will go on different locations.

The steam-powered locomotive itself is the most powerful machine of that

train journey Bulgariakind in Europe. It weights 150 tons and because of its enormous size is called “Granny Bear”. It was produced in year 1931 and after 55 years of service was abandoned. Then two years ago it was fixed and refreshed and now travels just for official events.

Of course you can take a wonderful train journey here any time, but not with that spectacular machine! You are always welcome to contact me if want to arrange train journey or whatever tour of Bulgaria you prefer. Have a look at my website for more inspirational information!

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