Enviornmental festival close to Sofia

He travelers! If you come middle of October this year (2019) here in Bulgaria, and you have green thinking this one is for you. On 12 October there will be a festival dedicated to the climate and the enviornment. It will happen in the most endangered in this relation town in our country where the polution is so high.

The program will start with the traveling to there. Our train company will arrange a special wagon at the train that will start from Sofia in 9AM. In this wagon participants of the festival will travel for free and there will be informative campaign about the enviornmental problems of the region and the renewable sources of energy. Then 10AM will start a cycling parade in the town. All day long there will be different discussions, debates and educative campaigns not only for adults but also for the children. There will be also possibility for a free visit of the main museum of the town. The day will finish with a concert of few of the best Bulgarian musicians.

So if this lightened the fire inside you, be welcome. If you want me to guide you there’s no fixed price cause I’ll go anyway. If you are satisfied from your day in the end you can support me financially as you decide to. It’s good to inform me in advance if you decide to come because travelling with the special train is for free, but after a booking in advance!

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