Meet Bulgaria in its Diversity!

 Have you been to Bulgaria? And Have you already planned your next holiday abroad? Maybe you want your next trip to be such an adventure, journey to an exotic country you’ve never seen before (or at least you still don’t know well)? A place with glorious long history, spectacular landscapes, interesting sights and forgotten places, hidden from the eyes of tourist crowds?

Think that I know where this desired place is with all of its famous and hidden beauties. It’s called Bulgaria! You can find it on the map down there in the south-eastern part of Europe!

Except all the sights Bulgaria is also a place with the perfect climatic conditions . You can enjoy here hot summer and snowy winter. Spring and autumn are so colorful . Our various nature is full of gorgeous fields, rocky mountains, mighty forests. There are hundreds of mineral springs and beautiful sea coasts and beaches. Nonetheless another important thing is that almost everything here is a lot cheaper than in the other part of Europe!

If you go further, following your hungry for adventures spirit, and decide to take a trip to this gorgeous land I can guide you all around here by any mode of travel – cycling, driving, walking, hiking or kayaking. Together we will arrange your tour by the direction of your interests. It can be sightseeing, natural landmarks, abandoned structures, sacred places, train journeys, visiting of different mineral springs, authentic old settlements and many more. Just whatever you choose and however you prefer to do it.

You are the ruler of our trip in every aspect. My role is to give you all the opportunities to choose. Then will provide all necessary services for you to have careless and unforgettable time. My job will be also to show and tell you every aspect of Bulgaria’s culture and sights and every beautiful or interesting spot on our way!

So don’t hesitate, it’s obvious that your desired exotic country is Bulgaria! The place for your perfect trip full of adventures.

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