Some tours

horse riding, cycling or hiking to a spectacular mountain lake

It’s a journey which will take you to a mountain area that is quite preserved from the urbanization and the tourist industry and in the same time offers all the beauties of the big touristic sights. For about an hour I will drive you to the village of my predecessors where you’ll have the choice how to reach one of the most stunning place in the whole area – a tiny medieval Christian temple situated on the edge of a rock, high above a beautiful lake! We can reach it by horses, bicycles, walking or car. It’s just 5 km from the village and the terrain is with not so hard ups and downs so it’s much more cool to do it by the first 3 options than by car. Front of the church you’ll have option to gaze the beauty of the lake and the surrounding 4 mountains. The lake has a lot of different birds and Is a perfect place for floating so if you want to explore it more I have 2 two-seated inflatable kayaks by which can show you all its beauty! It will be hard to leave this amazing place but when we do it there will be option to see my earth-building project (more than 100 year old house of my family which I restore with different techniques), buy clean bio-production (food or drinks) from the local farms, cycle or ride more in the region (there are 2 interesting monasteries nearby) or just chill in a hammock…or something else – don’t forget You are the master of this journey (I will give you the options)!

a journey to a unique cave and a rocky monastery

Two of the most interesting to see sights in Bulgaria are situated just around 100 km from Sofia. The cave is a long and high passage under a road and there are two big eye-shaped holes on the ceiling which gives Bulgaria, Karlukovoyou the feeling that God himself is peering down at you! Close to the cave there is a gorgeous Christian temple, situated at the seat of the small cave. It was lately restored by friends of mine with a lot of volunteers, and is situated in such a picturesque spot that you can feel yourself in total harmony! If you are interested and have time I can suggest you some extra sights of interest on the road there.. The fastest option for this journey is by car but it can also be done by train, hiking or biking (there is a very nice cycling route in the area).