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About me

Hello! My name is Stefan. I was born and grew up in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It’s where all my tours starts. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural-historical heritage, and master’s degree in Cultural tourism. Recently I also studied master degree in “Urban studies”. I’m certified by the Bulgrian Ministry of tourism as a tour guide.  Last few years I spent a lot of my time exploring my country. I’ve found a lot of spectacular places which I’m excited to share with curious travelers.

I can honestly say that I know Sofia perfectly. I know all of its hidden beauties that even most of the locals haven’t seen. In my everyday job I usually drive around here and in my days off, when I’m not guiding tourists I love to discover new places in the capital or countryside or just hang around here. This helps me to explore our country every day!

I’m passionate about cycling and prefer to do trips by bike. I drive as well and love hiking and kayaking. So I’m ready to guide you around by any mode of travel.

About my tours

Best option about tours around the country side is to go to certain region of Bulgaria and see all the diversity of different landscapes, sights, settlements and natural miracles. But if you have some special interests about a certain objects we could arrange special thematic tours. Here are some examples:

  • Historic settlements tours.  Ancient or medieval towns and fortresses
  • tours, Perperikon
  • from periods of ancient tribes Thracians that lived here (around 1500 BC – around 7th century AD). Roman empire (1st – 8th century AD). Medieval Bulgarian kingdom (7th – 14th AD) and Ottoman period (14th – 19th century AD).
  • Holy places tours. Sacred places of ancient Thracians and of some local beliefs. Christian churches and monasteries. Ottoman mosques and jewish synagogues.
  • Dark tourism. In Bulgaria there are a lot of remains from the Communism. Most of them are abandoned monuments, factories and many more. The most popular building from that period is so-similar to a flying saucer congress center on a Buzludzha peak. Unfortunately most of the neo-classical buildings in our cities are also in ruins. Country side is full of abandoned villages.
  • Mineral water springs tours. In our country there are around 230 mineral springs. Some of them are in a luxurious resorts. There are also a lot hidden in a silent beautiful places!
  • Natural landmarks tours. There are plenty of amazing structures here. They been formed through the decades by water, volcanic and erosion processes. I can show you plenty of waterfalls, rocks, cliffs, caves and many more!
  • Camping, kayaking and cycling near dams and seaside. Places perfect for this purpose are also all around Bulgaria. If you don’t like camping it’s not a problem. Next to every dam and all the Black sea coast there are bungalows, hotels or guest houses. My favorite type of holiday is cycling from one wild beach to another and sleeping under the stars in the warm embrace of sand. There’s nothing more refreshing than few days of contact with nature, sailing, biking, swimming and making camp fires somewhere in the mountains or on a beach in late spring, summer or early autumn!
  • History of Bulgarian aviation tours. This is one of my biggest interests so I know all the stories and places where retired airplanes are placed around the country.
  • Railway tour around Bulgaria. It’s such a great way to see our country in its all diversity in a fast, picturesque and so cheaper manner. In different parts of the country you will have the unique chance to see Bulgaria in its full diversity. This kind of trip is perfect to be combined with cycling because this way you’ll be able to see much more details from every region. Although it’s allowed to pick up your bike in the train which is also so cheap!
  • A tour around “off the grid” communities and eco farms in Bulgaria. A lot of people here toke the decision to live in harmony with nature. Usually they produce most of the resources for their everyday life being independent and self-sufficient. Of course they chose to live also in some of the most gorgeous places (surrounded by many other interesting things) and are always open to host likeminded peoplе.
  • Festival trips. In the warm part of the year there are different types of open-air festivals in Bulgaria. Most interesting are folklore festivals that keeps and shows our traditional songs, costumes, dances, food etc. Also on a beautiful spots (mostly in mountain areas) there are modern music, ethno and many more other festivals where you could feel like home!

As I said this is just a small ammount of the themed trips. Together we could create Your perfect trip here related with Your Interests! Just imagine it and get in touch with me!

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