Enviornmental festival close to Sofia

He travelers! If you come middle of October this year (2019) here in Bulgaria, and you have green thinking this one is for you. On 12 October there will be a festival dedicated to the climate and the enviornment. It will happen in the most endangered in this relation town in our country where the polution is so high.

The program will start with the traveling to there. Our train company will arrange a special wagon at the train that will start from Sofia in 9AM. In this wagon participants of the festival will travel for free and there will be informative campaign about the enviornmental problems of the region and the renewable sources of energy. Then 10AM will start a cycling parade in the town. All day long there will be different discussions, debates and educative campaigns not only for adults but also for the children. There will be also possibility for a free visit of the main museum of the town. The day will finish with a concert of few of the best Bulgarian musicians.

So if this lightened the fire inside you, be welcome. If you want me to guide you there’s no fixed price cause I’ll go anyway. If you are satisfied from your day in the end you can support me financially as you decide to. It’s good to inform me in advance if you decide to come because travelling with the special train is for free, but after a booking in advance!

Join the magical world of Nestinari – these who dance in fire!

The old ritual Nestinarstvo is saved in Bulgarian folklore for more than two 8207.w625thousand years. It’s a sacral dance on fire of people who were initiated in this and while they are dancing they fall into kind of trance, talking strange things, usually predictions. The most interesting thing is that after the dance which sometimes lasts up to hour, there are no signs of burning on feet of dancers (who are called Nestinari).

The origins of this ritual are in the further past related with our precursors Thrakian tribes and their cult to the sun, and also maybe  with Roman Dionysian celebrations. This fact tells us that originally it’s a pagan ritual, but nowadays the dancers Nestinari are dancing with orthodox icons in their hands. This is because for many years Nestinari ritual was condemned and persecuted by the church, and people who practice it started to dedicate it to Constantin the Great who was proclaimed a saint by the church. So today Nestinari holds the icons of the roman emperor and his mother Elena who are their patrons.

In ancient times just Thrakian kings had the right to perform the ritual of dancing in fire, because they were also the greatest priests of their tribes and only they could be in touch with gods. It was believed that fire is the gate between the two worlds of people and gods.

Today this ritual is traditionally preserved in his natural form just In the south-8202.w625eastern Bulgarian town Bulgari. The best chance to see it is on 3 June. It’s such a big attraction and a lot of people comes here on this day every year. People in that town says that nobody can just learn how to become a Nestinar, it’s a gift that you are born with and a family legacy.

If you want to be part of this amazing event or want some other kind of journey here in Bulgaria just text me in my FB profile and I’ll arrange personal tour in the manner that you prefer!



A journey with steam-powered train through the beauties of Bulgaria

Do you like travelling by train? If yes what you think about being a passenger on a steam-powered train which was produced in the beginning of 20th century. Now imagine that this old iron horse is running through a very picturesque canyon right next to a big river and all of the time view around you is changing in most spectacular manner. Surrounding hills turns from just green slopes into an extreme rough rocks and also there is a place where they looks like mighty tall and white giants. There are also around plenty more small rivers with waterfalls, caves, churches and monasteries plus a lot of cozy small towns.

The exact events when the steam-powered train will be in action is on 8th and 9th April and there will be organized tours with local guides at final points of the route. Actually these two days are holidays (part of the Easter celebrations) for the Ortodox Christian church which is the official religion in Bulgaria so you’ll also have the chance to see how local people celebrate it. Both days train will go on different locations.

The steam-powered locomotive itself is the most powerful machine of that

train journey Bulgariakind in Europe. It weights 150 tons and because of its enormous size is called “Granny Bear”. It was produced in year 1931 and after 55 years of service was abandoned. Then two years ago it was fixed and refreshed and now travels just for official events.

Of course you can take a wonderful train journey here any time, but not with that spectacular machine! You are always welcome to contact me if want to arrange train journey or whatever tour of Bulgaria you prefer. Have a look at my website for more inspirational information!


Find out why cycling is the best way of travelling for spring season (and not only) and come to experience it in Bulgaria!

Looks like spring comes again in our beautiful country – Bulgaria. It’s one of most gorgeous seasons hereВ  – everything blooms and becomes colorful, air smells sweet and life starts shining again!

For me it’s the perfect moment to travel by bicycle not only because of all the beauty around, but also by the reason that the temperature in this period is most suitable for the purpose. It’s not too cold and in same time not too hot so you’re not going to sweat and climbing is not that problem!

But maybe if you’re not so keen on cycling you’ll ask “Why choose bicycle instead of car”? There are a lot of reasons. First it’s the best way to observe the world that surrounds you moving with good speed in same time so you can reach objects with big distance between them for short period of time. You can stop rapidly when see something interesting and pay attention on it. Can change the route any time using shortcuts or roads with less traffic. You move from one place to another until you’re cycling tours Sofia, Bulgariaworking for the good look and health of your body and also for a nature with less air-pollution! Another thing is that until in car most of us are just watchers, riding a bike gives you the chance to be part of the process. That’s very important in cases when you’re in a foreign country and feels aside of life there. It gives you also the chance to feel independent and free like a bird (sometimes when I go downhill I can really feel what is to be a creature like that). Also until you ride in a sunny day you have sun baths sometimes without even realizing this because flying air cools your skin.cycling tours Sofia, Bulgaria

At all – if travelling by car is like watching a TV, riding a bike is as real as life. You feel all the things around you – sun, air, road, smells, all the objects and if there are more cyclists around you – the team spirit which is precious!  All that gives you strong motivation and forces to live, inspires you with new ideas and makes your body fit!

So what you choose – real life or watching TV?

If it’s the second one and your destination for doing it is Bulgaria look at the trips I offer and contact me:

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It’s a place for every curious traveler who thinks that there are better ways for travelling than using casual tourist services. And also there are cooler things to do in your holiday than go in a hotel and see nearby sights. Except alternative trips I’ll try to present you here Bulgaria‘s diversity.

I’ll suggest you alternative modes of travel and holiday. A cycling tours, road trips by car and railway journeys mixed with historical and natural landmarks sightseeing, dark tourism, rural tourism, kayaking, camping etc. Also will tell you  interesting facts about Bulgarian traditions, spectacular places, beliefs, �’off the grid” places and many more.

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